Health & Safety FAQs

1 Can you help with understanding H&S for my business as it is taking up too much of my time?

Ans. Because of the many different regulations involved it is difficult to make sense of what you or your type of business is expected to do or not do, this is why you need competent advice.
Safety management systems are used because they will identify high risk areas and clarify your documented evidence that will show how you are complying with the various legislation and will keep you focussed on your progression.

2 We have had an accident: not sure what to do, or if I should do more. Help?

Ans. Signing up to Cedar support package alleviates this problem as you have competent advice at your finger tips when you need it. Also an advisor will visit if needed.
Additionally your safety management system (part of the package) will address accidents, what to do and look out for as potentially someone could put a claim against you if it can be proved it was your fault, therefore you need to be gathering information when the accident occurs not 6 months down the line.

3 A letter has arrived informing us the fire authority is coming to inspect our premises. Can you help?

Ans. The fire safety order has been around since 2005. Have you completed a fire risk assessment and identified any significant findings and are doing something about them?
This is what the fire authority will be checking. To have nothing in place is inexcusable. They can close your business down. You need to contact us as soon as possible for some guidance
Cedar can help you prepare, train staff, provide documentation and guidance plus be there for the inspection with you.

4 A letter has arrived from our insurance company asking us to ensure we are complying to many H&S regulations we have not heard of, what do I do?

Ans. What they are asking is do you have a safety management system as this will ensure you are complying to the many regulations you will require competent advice to help you understand what regulations you need to be complying with.

5 The HSE have written saying they are visiting can you help?

Ans. This could be a spot check especially if your business is high risk e.g. engineering, your staff use high voltage…, someone could have complained or maybe you have reported an accident.
You need to prepare for this as under the new ‘Fee For Intervention’ (FFI) regulation, if the HSE give constructive advice or find serious failings they will be charging for it by the hour and you won’t have much time to comply.

Email Alistair at – he can provide guidance and outline our services
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