Fire Safety and Emergency Planning

    • How are you managing fire safety and risk to your business?
      Do you understand how the RRFSO 2005 applies to you?
      We at Cedar have over 25 years experience preparing businesses to ensure compliance with legislation. Regarding Fire safety we understand the requirements of law and regularly prepare businesses and have successfully taken them through fire authority inspections. The Fire Safety Order (RRFSO 2005) applies to virtually all non-domestic premises in England and Wales and every type of workspace within them. Under the law, the responsible person for the premises is fully responsible for fire safety, this means:

      • Carry out and regularly review a written fire risk assessment for the premises
      • Reduce the risk from fire as far as reasonably possible
      • There are adequate means of fire detection, warning systems and escape routes in place to allow people to evacuate the building
      • An emergency plan has been written confirmed and published
      • Staff have received appropriate fire training
      • Action plans have been formulated and signed off when completed

      In summary businesses must actively pursue and maintain adequate fire safety measures on their premises.

      Cedar fire safety services ensure businesses comply and keep on complying with relevant legislation:

      • Fire Risk Assessments
      • Fire Safety and emergency planning
      • Appointed person bespoke training and coaching
      • Providing official guidance
      • Providing ongoing evidence capture
      • Support with official inspections
      • Fire record books
      • Fire marshal training

      “Thank you for all your support and attendance at the recent meeting with the fire officer. When they first contacted us to visit our offices, I was concerned and alarmed. You were absolutely spot on in making me confront what we needed to do rather than fob this off on you! I now have a fuller understanding and I am grateful for your advice and support during this process. I would be delighted to recommend anyone in need of health and safety advice to you.


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