Maybe it’s time to re-assess how we recruit

Apparently, the UK is experiencing its steepest drop in candidate availability in 16 months. And it appears to be caused by uncertainty around Brexit.

Data from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) revealed that 38 per cent of recruitment agencies noted lower candidate numbers for permanent roles in April, the sharpest decline for 16 months.

Meanwhile, 33 per cent said they had also seen fewer people available for temporary roles.

“Demand for staff is growing but there are fewer people available to fill vacancies,” said the REC’s chief executive, Kevin Green. “We have the lowest unemployment rate since 2005, and people already in work are becoming more hesitant about moving jobs amid Brexit uncertainty.

“In the lower level of the skills market, what we’re seeing is that many EU nationals are starting to drift back [to their country of origin] because of the weakening pound making salaries worth less. There are also issues around their clarity of worker status. Brexit is really starting to bite so EU nationals need to be reassured in their place of work.”

I have pointed out in previous blogs how competitive attracting good candidates is becoming. Everyone wants the better employees and in turn they are precisely the candidates who will attract several job offers.

I know it might sound obvious but you need to ensure your employer reputation is attractive as possible because your organisation will be competing against others.

Think about this question from candidates: ‘Why should I come to work for you?’

Employers need to be able to answer with a clear picture of progression for people at all levels in the post Brexit world. In my view this includes developing the skills of domestic UK employees through enhanced vocational education and training, as well as hopefully being able to say that opportunities are open to talented people from around the world despite Brexit.

David Cawthorne, Cedar Human Resources

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