Is this any more than just common sense!

If I asked you whether you think you do a better job when you are happy, positive and in a good mood, you may well reply, “Of course I do … stupid”.

No surprise then that according to new research by Warwick University, allowing employees to experience moments of joy not only makes them harder working, but also more productive – 12 per cent more productive.

Apparently, the reason joyful employees are so much more productive is because when we’re feeling joyful our brain releases chemicals that suppress the part of our brain that’s preoccupied with worrying, significantly boosting our capacity for creative thinking and problem solving.

Interesting that as I go round clients, staff often say to me that their manager or boss is quick to criticise when things go wrong but positively in the slow lane when it comes to praising things that go well.

So, as we go in to 2018, how about these 3 new year resolutions for owners and managers:

Take time out to praise

Celebrate success stories

Show gratitude

Here’s to a happy (and productive) new year!

David Cawthorne, Cedar Human Resources

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