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Employment tribunal awards

Type of payment Minimum from 6 April 2018 Maximum from 6 April 2018
Limit on a ‘week’s pay’ (gross) used for certain purposes No minimum £508
Unfair dismissal basic award No minimum £15,240
Unfair dismissal basic award where the principal reason for dismissal is:

  • For trade union membership or activities
  • For carrying out activities as a health and safety representative
  • For carrying out duties as an occupational pension scheme trustee
  • For carrying out functions or activities as an employee or workforce representative
£6,203 £15,240
Unfair dismissal compensatory award No minimum £83,682 or 12 months salary where less
Unfair dismissal compensatory award where dismissal is connected with health and safety or public interest disclosure No minimum No maximum
Unfair dismissal additional award for failure to comply with a re-employment order Lower of 26 weeks’ pay or £13,208 52 weeks’ pay (up to £26,416)
Statutory redundancy payment No minimum £15,240
Statutory guarantee pay in respect of a workless day during short-time working or lay off No minimum – a normal day’s pay is payable £28 per day

£140 for maximum five days in any three-month period

Breach of contract claims heard in the employment tribunal (only where claim arises or is outstanding on termination of employment) No minimum £25,000
Unlawful deductions from wages claims No minimum No maximum
Compensation for unlawful discrimination (sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief, age, pregnancy and maternity, gender reassignment or marriage and civil partnership) No minimum No maximum and can include a sum for injury to feelings
Less favourable or detrimental treatment of fixed-term employees or part-time workers No minimum No maximum
Failure to inform or consult over collective redundancies (protective award) No minimum 45 days’ actual pay per employee
Failure to inform or consult over a TUPE transfer No minimum 13 weeks’ actual pay per employee
Failure to provide a written statement of employment particulars Two weeks’ pay (up to £1,016) Four weeks’ pay (up to £2,032)
Failure to provide written reasons for dismissal Two weeks’ actual pay Two weeks’ actual pay
Breach of the flexible working statutory provisions No minimum Eight weeks’ pay (up to £4,064)
Breach of the right to request time to train statutory provisions No minimum Eight weeks’ pay (up to £4,064)

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