Managing staff performance

We believe passionately that it is the staff who make the difference to whether any business is successful or not.

Virtually everything can be copied from one company to another – except for the people. Therefore, aligning and maximising individual, team and business performance will deliver the competitive edge.

This means a key business process needs to be developed to ensure success.

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David Cawthorne – Human Resources

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Our principles of a successful performance management process

  • People want to be involved in the business and will do so if they are made aware of its goals, available resources and given appropriate recognition for the work they do
  • Individuals are responsible for themselves, their personal growth, career goals and the desire to achieve through providing quality work
  • Individuals wish to continuously improve the quality of their performance and contribution to the business
  • Individuals responsible for other peoples’ work should aim to create an atmosphere that encourages growth and performance
  • People are a key means of gaining competitive advantage in today’s ever-changing, customer-focused markets
  • Individuals want to feel accountable for benefit from the results of their activities
  • Best Practice Overview

    Cedar Best Practice

    Appraisal Process

    Cedar Appraisal Process

    Without professional support employers often spend a lot of management time and still fail to achieve a successful outcome.

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Case Study

Implementing performance management in the distribution sector

Our client employed 30 people, specialising in office supplies.

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