Introducing and updating contracts of employment

We have helped clients in the York, Leeds, Yorkshire area and further afield implement and revise contracts of employment to ensure they remain legally compliant and avoid potentially costly tribunal awards.

Rather than issuing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ contract template, we work with clients to develop written statements that are tailored to their business and industry. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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The law requires that any person employed for more than 4 weeks must receive a written statement of terms and conditions of employment within the first 8 weeks. This applies whether the person is full time, part time, on a fixed term of employment or temporary. There is no minimum number of employees the legislation applies to.

The 1996 Employment Rights Act lays down the information that has to be included in the written statement. At Cedar we also encourage clients to include any terms that are relevant to their business sector and any terms that are particularly relevant to their business.

If an employer fails to issue a written statement, the employee can apply to an employment tribunal for a declaration of the terms and conditions. More worryingly, if an employee/ex-employee submits a claim to an employer and there is no written statement, it is out of date or incorrect the tribunal will award between 2 and 4 weeks pay, whether the individual wins their claim or not.

You should remember that the “contract of employment” is broader than just the written statement. It includes offer letters, employee handbooks, statutory rights, case law and custom and practice.

The Cedar process for developing employment contacts:

  • Information gathering from all parties
  • Developing a generic written statement
  • Applying to individual written statements
  • Consultation with the staff
  • Signing of the statements

“Ever since I first used David I have been pleased with both the speed that the work was carried out and the advice given.”

Andy Lock, Director, Positive Accountants

Without professional support employers often spend a lot of management time and still fail to achieve a successful outcome.

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