Introducing a safety management system in a highly technical R & D establishment


Research and development company employing 10-15 people.


  • MD aware of responsibility under H&S to staff needed documented evidence of safe systems in place to show customers
  • New laboratory being built needed systems to be developed with staff complying with the law
  • Hazardous substances used, flammable and carcinogen, needed control systems and processes in place


  • Introduced and developed safety management system tailored to business
  • Company fully aware of legal obligations as it developed
  • Developed and controlled hazardous substances and laboratory equipment
  • Recommended training of safety representatives
  • Peace of mind for MD
  • Acting as competent advisor

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Subscription Service

Our Health & Safety subscription service is the alternative to directly employing consultancy services.

The service is based around the development of a basic Health and Safety Management System or controls for small to medium sized business (SMEs)